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Criminal Law

No other area of law carries the potential for such deprivation of rights and liberty as does criminal law. Whether one is charged with a simple misdemeanor or a more serious felony the awesome power of the State will be unleashed against that individual. The role of the criminal prosecutor, theoretically, is to “seek justice”. In reality, however, their role is to obtain convictions.

A person charged with a criminal offense has three things in his favor. The first is his or her presumption of innocence; the second is the fact that the State must prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest burden of proof anywhere in this country.

The third is his choice of an attorney specializing in criminal law defense. You need a lawyer committed to your presumption of innocence who will protect your Constitutional and other rights. One who will work towards the best possible resolution of the case for you, whether by preparing for and ultimately going to trial or working toward a negotiated resolution with the State.

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