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Personal Injury Law

Unfortunately, people sometimes cause injury to others. Personal injuries may be caused by medical negligence (malpractice), a careless driver causing an auto accident, someone improperly maintaining a floor and causing a slippery condition that should have been remedied, food poisoning caused by improper food preparation or handling and a variety of other situations.

Some personal injuries are catastrophic, even life-threatening, while others eventually heal with little or no residual effect. No matter the cause, if you or a loved one was seriously hurt or wrongfully killed and you were not the primary cause of your own injury then you should retain a lawyer to represent your interests. The party that hurt you most likely has insurance to pay for the injuries.

The insurance company has lawyers and other trained negotiators working on their behalf: you need a skilled personal injury lawyer “in your corner” working to get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

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