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DUI laws are constantly changing, including major changes that went into effect January 1, 2009. We presently have a tangled mass of laws that frequently lead to loss of driving privileges for those charged with this offense, and may lead to revocation of those privileges, forfeiture of the vehicle being driven and incarceration in jail or the State penitentiary.

You need a DUI lawyer experienced in all facets of DUI representation to protect your rights at a time like this. You and I can assess the evidence for and against you and take steps to minimize the consequences you face from this arrest even if it appears that a trial would not be in your best interests. I can also often assist you with driving privileges during a portion of the Statutory Summary Suspension that accompanies the vast majority of these stops.

My practice is concentrated in criminal and traffic law, and personal injury law. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation with you. At a time like this you need an experienced, aggressive DUI lawyer.

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